Pregnant? Learn About Group B Strep

Pregnant? Learn About Group B Strep

If you're pregnant, your baby's due date may seem like it's an eternity away, but it will be here before you know it!

July is International Group B Strep (GBS) Awareness month, and Women's Health Center would like to share some important information with moms-to-be that could affect you and your baby.

GBS is a normal skin bacteria present on your skin about 30 percent of the time. This bacteria is not considered an infection and most women who test positive do no have any symptoms. However, when a baby is born and exposed to GBS through their nose or mouth at birth, they can develop a life-threatening illness. For that reason, all pregnant women are screened for GBS. The initial screening is done with a urine culture and is part of your initial intake OB lab testing. The second screen is done at 36 weeks gestation. These test results help us determine if additional treatment for GBS is needed when you go into labor.

Please visit the Group B Strep International website for more information and education:

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