Taking Care of Our Hearts, Together

Taking Care of Our Hearts, Together

February isn't all about Valentine hearts.  It's National Heart Month and we have some tips to help you and the people you love live a healthy heart life!  Studies show that if you join forces with family, friends and co-workers or even online, you'll have a better chance of staying motivated. Start with small steps and soon you will be on your way to making your hearts healthier together. Here's how to start:

Move More- Get at least 2 1/2 hours of physical activity each week. More is even better. That's less than 30 minutes a day! It doesn't matter if you do it in shorter intervals, like 5 or 10 minutes or all at once. Invite co-works to walk at lunch or commit to walking the family dog every day after work, with your kids or spouse.
Eat Healthy Foods - It's no secret that eating vegetables, fruits and whole grains is better for you than fast food with tons of added salt, fat and sugars. Get your protein from lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, nuts and vegetable oils, like olive oil. Eating is more fun with friends and family.  Encourage and inspire them to make healthy choice and help keep each other on track. Find heart health recipes at healthyeating.nhlbi.nih.gov
Stop Smoking.  For good.  The chemicals in smoke hart your heart and blood vessels in countless ways. Quitting is hard, but lots of people do it and so can you.  Set a date and ask those around you to help and support your decision. Quit with a friend and succeed together! The websites http://BeTobaccoFree.hhs.gov and http://Smokefree.gov  are great resources.
Aim for a Healthy Weight - Being overweight is very hard on your heart. Overweight people are at higher risk for stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes to name a few health concerns. Joining a weight loss program or gym or even an online weight loss community will help you stick with this healthier lifestyle. 

For more information and tips go to hearttruth.gov



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