Kick Counts

What are Kick Counts?

Some time between 18 and 25 weeks into pregnancy, you will begin to feel your baby move. These movements are a sign that your baby is growing and healthy.  Counting these kicks (or movements) is a simple way to become aware of your baby’s sleeping and waking patterns, and to check on your baby’s health.

How often should I count my baby’s kicks?

We recommend that you count the number of times your baby kicks, swishes, rolls, or jabs everyday.

How to do Kick Counting?

Generally, moms find that their baby is most active after eating a meal, after drinking something cold, or after physical activity. You may also find that your baby is more active in the evening or throughout the night.

  •  Choose a time to do Kick Counting when your baby is usually most active.
  •  You may want to sit or lie down on your left side.
  •  When you feel the first kick (or movement), write down the time.
  •  Once you have counted 10 kicks (or movements), write down the time.

How many times should my baby move?

Ideally, you should feel at least 10 movements within 2 hours. Most likely you’ll feel 10 movements in much less time (5 minutes to 2 hours).

When to call the doctor:

If you have followed the above steps and have not felt 4-5 movements by the end of the first hour, get up and move around for a few minutes. Have something to eat or drink and then lie down on your left side.

If, after trying a second time, you do not feel 10 movements within 2 hours, call your doctor’s office.

Use this chart to track your baby’s kicks: 

Kick Counts Tracking


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