Breast Pump Prescription FAQ

Women’s Health Center of Southern Oregon & Active Medical have partnered together to offer our patients high-quality breast pumps. Active Medical is a Southern Oregon-based supplier of durable medical equipment and is contracted with Medicare, the Oregon Health Plan, and most private insurance companies.

How do I obtain a breast pump? Your provider will send in a prescription for a breast pump to Active Medical at your 32-week OB appointment. Active Medical will then contact you to confirm shipping information. The breast pump will be shipped to your address at no additional cost to you.

Will my insurance cover a breast pump? Most insurance plans do cover breast pumps. You can call Active Medical to see if they are contracted with your particular insurance plan. Medicaid does cover breast pumps.

What kind of breast pumps does Active Medical carry? See below for the different model breast pumps and descriptions. When Active Medical calls you to confirm shipping they will ask which model you prefer.

Quick Facts
  • High-quality options

  • 3 styles to choose from

  • Prescription

OB/GYN Doctors