Full Fetal Survey and Cervical Length Screening

Fetal Anatomy Screen

For many parents and their families, the “Big” ultrasound is a high point in the pregnancy. This ultrasound is done between 20 and 22 weeks gestation. The purpose of the ultrasound is to determine that all the visible anatomy of the baby is normal and to rule out any major birth defects. Although ultrasound is not 100% accurate and cannot always detect small defects, we document all the visible fetal anatomy and provide you with some pictures. We also document the location of the placenta and the position of the baby and evaluate the ovaries during this scan.

Fetal Gender

We can often determine the fetal gender if parents would like to know the sex of the baby. Documentation of fetal gender is not required as part of the exam and generally, if the parents do not want to know the gender it is not documented anywhere in the fetal chart.

Vaginal Cervical Length Screen

Preterm birth is a large problem in the United States. Preterm birth can lead to major and permanent disabilities and health problems for children. Many women who deliver preterm have no known risk factors. One way to predict and sometimes prevent preterm birth is to measure the length of the cervix at 18-24 weeks. A short cervix can be treated with medications and further monitoring to work toward lengthening the pregnancy.


We would like your ultrasound to be a positive experience; however, during this unique time, we are only able to accommodate two guests. Initially, you will be brought back and asked to empty your bladder and undress for the vaginal cervical length measurement. You may choose to come back alone for this portion and once the vaginal measurements are done, which only takes a few moments, you will have time to dress, and the ultrasound staff will bring your guest(s) back to the ultrasound suite to be present for the Fetal Survey and if desired, gender reveal.


Patients that are at high risk for preterm delivery, such as a mom that has delivered early in a prior pregnancy or a mom that has had a surgery to remove part of the cervix, the cervical length ultrasound is not considered screening and is covered due to the high-risk status. For first-time moms and moms not considered high-risk, there may be an additional fee for the cervical length screen. Our billing department will verify the cost of the Fetal Anatomy Screen and Cervical Length screen. This is included in your prenatal care coverage estimate that we provide at the beginning of your pregnancy. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Quick Facts
  • Ultrasound for growing baby

  • Checks length of cervix

  • Learn what to expect

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