Mona Lisa Touch: What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation and Does It Really Work?

MonaLisaTouchVaginalRejuvenationAre you experiencing painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, or mild urinary symptoms? These could be due to vaginal atrophy caused by changing estrogen levels. Symptoms like these can have a major effect on your happiness and quality of life.

Women’s Health Center is the only medical practice in all of southern Oregon where you can have the MonaLisa Touch treatment.

How does Mona Lisa Touch Work?

A gentle laser stimulates vaginal tissue and your body’s natural healing reaction. This results in improved vaginal tone, moisture, and sensation. The in-office procedure only takes about five minutes.

Does the Mona Lisa touch really work?

Vaginal rejuvenation with Mona Lisa touch is changing women’s lives. It’s been shown to reduce pain with intercourse, increase vaginal moisture, and reduce other bothersome symptoms. Here’s what some of our patients here in Grants Pass have been saying about Mona Lisa Touch:

Mona Lisa Touch Testimonials

“I recently celebrated my 41st wedding anniversary and cannot praise the MonaLisa Touch® treatments more!  My experience was so positive and my results fantastic.  I wanted to have less painful intercourse and  sex is no longer a problem!”

“I am 63 years old and feel like my body is waking up! My intermittent vaginal dryness is gone and I love that my vagina feels normal again!”

“I am so happy with MonaLisa Touch – I feel like I’m 30 again!”  I have zero pain with intercourse, no dryness, no loss of urine with activity anymore!  Highly recommend this treatment.

“I have lichen sclerosis and after my third treatment I am pain and itch free. Thank you Dr. Medley!”

“I’m giving Dr. Cohen a bottle of wine from my husband – you are allowing us to enjoy a part of our life for longer than I normally would have and I still like my husband!”

“I am over the moon happy with my results. You are increasing the quality of  women’s lives in the valley.”

Mona Lisa Touch Videos

Mona Lisa Touch FAQ

For which patients is this treatment appropriate?

This treatment can be a good choice for any woman who is dealing with health issues due to a drop in estrogen. This can include women who have gone through menopause, or those who have had a hysterectomy or certain types of cancer.

Where can I have this done?

The MonaLisa Touch® procedure is a simple treatment that can be performed by your healthcare provider in the office at the Women’s Health Center.

Does the procedure hurt?

No, the procedure doesn’t require any anesthesia and shouldn’t cause any pain. You might feel a little uncomfortable when the probe is inserted for the first time, but most patients describe the treatment itself as feeling like a gentle vibration.

How long does it take? When will I see results?

Generally, you’ll have three treatments, each taking about five minutes, and they’re usually spaced six weeks apart. Many patients notice a positive change even after the first treatment!

What are my limitations after the procedure is done?

After the procedure, it’s recommended to avoid sexual activity for 2 days and strenuous physical activity for about 3-4 days. Your healthcare provider will give you personalized advice on what to do after your procedure.

How long does it last?

The effects of the MonaLisa Touch treatment can last between 12 to 18 months. After this, you might need to come back for a maintenance treatment.

Will the procedure be covered by insurance?

Currently, the MonaLisa Touch treatment is not included in insurance plans. However, patients at the Women’s Health Center can enjoy a 20% discount on the treatment series. Our Specialty Scheduler can provide you with a quote. Payments with Care Credit, FSA, or HSA are also accepted for MonaLisa Touch treatments.

Next Steps

Mona Lisa touch is helping women live happier, more fulfilling lives. If you’re ready to learn more about this treatment, request an appointment today.

Quick Facts
  • Restores satisfaction.

  • Improves vaginal health.

  • Minimizes discomfort.

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