Crystal Lindahl, WHNP

Crystal received her bachelor’s degree from Mount Carmel College of Nursing in Columbus, OH in 2008. She spent many years as a labor nurse, guiding laboring moms through one of the most memorable and vulnerable times of their life.  She graduated from Kent State University in Ohio in 2022 with a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner degree.  She is looking forward to providing holistic care throughout the span of each of her patient's lives.  She provides an inclusive environment with respect and courtesy to honor all her patients’ values and goals.

Crystal and her family relocated to Grants Pass and are delighted to be surrounded by the mountains and the natural beauty of the area. Personal time is spent settling in her new home, filling it with the aroma of her baking treats and beautiful cakes! Family time includes hiking and exploring, and enjoying the new community and surroundings.

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Women’s Health Center of Southern Oregon, PC

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