Mona Lisa Touch: What Is Feminine Laser Therapy and Does It Really Work?


Mona Lisa Touch Procedure: Who is it for?

Are you experiencing painful intercourse, feminine dryness, or mild urinary symptoms? These could be due to vaginal atrophy caused by changing estrogen levels. Symptoms like these can have a major effect on your quality of life.

The Mona Lisa Touch procedure can help restore sensation, increase vaginal moisture, and reduce bothersome urinary symptoms.

How does Mona Lisa Touch Work?

A gentle laser stimulates vaginal tissue and your body’s natural healing reaction. This results in improved vaginal tone, moisture, and sensation. The in-office procedure only takes about five minutes.

Does the Mona Lisa touch really work?

Mona Lisa touch is changing women’s lives. It’s been shown to reduce pain with intercourse, increase vaginal moisture, and reduce other bothersome symptoms. Here’s what some of our patients here in Grants Pass have been saying about Mona Lisa Touch:

“I am so happy with MonaLisa Touch – I feel like I’m 30 again! I have zero pain with intercourse, no dryness, no loss of urine with activity anymore! Highly recommend this treatment.”

“I am 63 years old and feel like my body is waking up! My intermittent vaginal dryness is gone and I love that my vagina feels normal again!”

“I recently celebrated my 41st wedding anniversary and cannot praise the MonaLisa Touch treatments more! My experience was so positive and my results fantastic. I wanted to have less painful intercourse and sex is no longer a problem!”

Next Steps

Mona Lisa touch is helping women live happier, more fulfilling lives. If you’re ready to learn more about this treatment, request an appointment today.

Quick Facts
  • Restores satisfaction.

  • Improves vaginal health.

  • Minimizes discomfort.

Mona Lisa Touch Doctors


“Great service. Dr. Shelton was my OB and delivered my son. He was always willing to answer questions and very knowledgeable. He was kind and courteous during delivery because let’s be honest… that’s not the most flattering moment in a woman’s life.” – BW

“I started with Dr. Eagan as my OBGYN in 2019 with my first pregnancy. He is an amazing doctor, made me feel comfortable, and I never felt judged for questions I had as a first time mom. Overall he is very personable and kind. He will walk you through any procedure that may need to be done and why. He treats each patient with kindness and dignity no matter your situation. I am now seeing him for my second pregnancy and he is just as humble and helpful as he was for my first pregnancy. I would recommend him for any OBGYN needs.” – DW

“I absolutely love Dr. Kelly. I’m on my third pregnancy now and she has been my OB for all three. She’s always understanding and considerate when I need someone to talk too and she always makes sure I don’t have any additional questions before our appointment is over. She will ALWAYS be my recommended OB at the Women’s Health Center.” – KM